Hi, welcome to my karting pix page!

Here we go. This is my second year of racing.
Pictures were made on 17-June-2001.
I've set 4th qualification time out of 33 cars. That's my best result so far. We run 3 laps during qualification. The first is a warm-up lap. The next 2 are timed laps where the best one defines your grid position. I tried to concentrate to run the first fast lap as accurate as possible (braking not too late, running smooth, just to have a clean lap and leave room for risking on the second run). You should have seen my face when I saw the 1st lap time on my dash. Hint... 8-). 2nd lap was more than 0.6 of a second slower. When I parked I was running all over the machine park ranting and raving with a smile as big as my whole face. :)

In the first race session I was running 3rd on lap 2 when my exhaused gave up. :( I lost a whole lot of power and finished only 10th. It's a pity, cause I could have finished as high as 5th or 6th place. Even more pity, cause I should have anticipated that and replaced the burned out connector in advance. It's a shame to spoil 4th grid position like that.

In the second session, by the 3rd lap I climbed to 6th from 10th on the grid. It was pretty boring then. I couldn't get closer to the 5 guys in front, half way through the session my tires overheated and they started to pull away. Then I noticed somebody chasing me from behind. I didn't know how many laps were left to go (for some reason they didn't show the board during this race) and was praying that there were not many :). At the start of the last lap he was right behind me and I was defending my position all the lap, but managed to keep it. :)

So 10th and 6th positions gave me an overall 7th place out of 33. :)))

Below are some pictures...
(click on the thumbs to see bigger picture)

unloading and getting ready for a practice session.

racing kids
(age 8-11)

after the first session

my brother (in heavy weight class) 4th on the grid (#38)

zoom into my brother on the grid

my brother taking the chequed flag

that's me, shura, in my helmet

that's me after the race in my kart with my brother's labrador

that's me in my kart too

that's how i transport my kart

race track panorama
Shura :)