Hi :)

Saturday, August 21, 1999 11:00am MSK... I am falling from 3600 meters (12'000 ft.) altitude...

So this one is called a tandem jump. You get attached to tandemmaster and you jump together. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the fall. In the first 10 seconds you accelerate to terminal velocity, a speed of about 180 kmph (110 mph). During the fall you don't even breath at all! Your body absorbs enough oxygen through the skin. That's why it might be an inconvenience to fall through thick clouds, because humidity does not allow skin to breath. After 40 seconds of free fall at 1500 m. (5000 ft.) altitude tandemmaster opens canopy and you have a chance to navigate it and try few turns. And then follows a safe landing. :)

This was tough, scary, but very exciting, and while right after the jump I didn't think I wanna jump again, the more I look at these pix and recall the experience, the more I want to repeat it, lol :)